Our cyber security system always protects your data – wherever it is.

You'll Know Your Files Are Always Secure

Combining 256-bit AES encryption with zero-knowledge privacy and perfect forward secrecy ensures your valuable data is always safe, both in the cloud and on your network.

You Won't Worry About Hacked Passwords

Even if your password is compromised, without a secondary form of identification (such as a prox card or fingerprint scan) access to your account will remain locked.

You Have The Power To Change Your Mind

What happens if you change your mind and no longer want a recipient to have your email? What happens if you accidentally send an email to the wrong person? With the Global Data Sentinel system, you have the power to recall email, as if it never left your desk.

You Won't Worry About Lost Devices

Our system creates a secure, enterprise space on non-enterprise devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops). If a mobile device is lost or stolen, remote logout mitigates data theft.

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Our cyber security platform ensures you always retain ownership and control over your data – even after sharing it.

You'll Know Your Data Is Always Being Monitored

We monitor your data, wherever it is. Custom security policies can be set up to flag any file sharing activity that is deemed risky. Receive an immediate alert if an individual from an unauthorized domain is added as a user.

You'll Know Your Data's Story

With Global Data Sentinel, you’ll always know when a user downloads, uploads, prints or edits a document. Our data security system creates comprehensive, tamper-proof activity reports so you can be sure users are sharing data safely.

You Decide Who Can Access What

With our intuitive management console, you can grant users access when starting a project or revoke access when a project ends. Even if a user has saved your files to a personal device, we give you the power to cut all access to those files.


Our cyber security platform will increase your organization’s security and productivity, transforming the way your business communicates.

You Can Start Securing Your Data Immediately

Because our system requires no training, your organization will be quickly up and running. Any updates to our platform are seamlessly integrated and automatically rolled-out. Simply install our system and let it run.

Your Team Will Always Be In Sync

Create a unified workspace for teams to securely manage and share projects. All data is organized in a safe, central location when working with internal teams, outside collaborators or vendors.

You Can Protect Any Type of File

Whether you are an architect needing to secure CAD files or whether you are a financial planner looking to guard Excel spreadsheets containing confidential client information, our system can protect any type of file.

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