In the world of HIPAA compliance, it is about what you do with the data – not what you use.

HIPAA Compliance Obstacles

While HIPAA compliance is a demanding and complicated process, there are really only four obstacles project managers need to overcome to be compliant:

  • Secure patient information from malicious attacks.
  • Limit the sharing of patient information.
  • Have documentation proving that any business associates are HIPAA compliant (this is otherwise known as a BAA).
  • Enforce a training program where employees learn when it is appropriate to share patient information and have safeguards in place limiting who can access certain information.

How We Assist With
HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is a much larger issue than how one interacts with software or how software interacts with patient information, so no software solution will make your medical facility HIPAA compliant.

However, Global Data Sentinel offers a number of project management software features that can certainly help your organization with HIPAA compliance. These include:

  • Tracking which user accessed what information at what time, and what they did with that information.
  • Limiting user roles so that users can only see the minimum necessary information for each individual patient.
  • Extensive encryption and physical security measures.
  • Regular and reliable backups.
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Since the 2009 Breach Notification Rule was included in the HITECH Act, more than 38.7 million individuals have had their protected health information compromised in HIPAA privacy and security breaches; it’s time to rethink what is not working.

Mark Evangelist, CEO Global Enterprise Strategies

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