Data Encryption

Our enterprise security system protects your data in the cloud or on your network. Our security always travels with your data, wherever you send it.

Data Encryption

Your valuable files are encrypted on your device, at rest and in transit. Our enterprise security system even encrypts all metadata associated with your files.

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

Zero-knowledge privacy means that we don’t hold the encryption keys to anything, only you do. Because of this, we can never view or access your files and neither can hackers.

Perfect Forward Secrecy

Our enterprise security system creates a unique encryption key for every single transaction, file and email. Because of this, obsolete keys are never an issue. All keys are kept encrypted at 2048-bit level and control of them always remains with the data owner.

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Identity Management

We’ll make sure the people accessing your data are who they say they are.

Biometric Identification

Passwords can be hacked. The Global Data Sentinel solution is designed to be used in conjunction with biometric identification, which provides you with a highly secure login process.

Multi-Factor Authentication

A user must enter two or more credentials to access an account. These credentials could include a password along with a prox card or biometric identification. Even if a user’s password is hacked, access to the account is blocked without the prox card.

SSO Login (Single Sign-On)

SSO login makes accessing your data efficient. Enter your credentials one time in order to access multiple systems and networks during a session.

User Behavior Analytics

Our enterprise security platform uses artificial intelligence to learn user behavior patterns and alert you to any unusual activity.


With User Behavior Analytics, our enterprise security system actually learns a user’s data usage behavior pattern. If our system notices unusual behavior, that behavior is immediately flagged.


Our system monitors your data 24/7. It carefully maps user behavior and continually adjusts thresholds based on changes in data usage.


If our system finds any suspect user activity, you will be sent an immediate alert. It is impossible to override or circumvent our system.


System responses to suspect activity can be fully automated with no requirement for human intervention. In extreme cases of irregular data usage, our enterprise security system can be set to automatically block user access and rotate all encryption keys.

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Cloud & Network Access Control

We make sure you always have control over your data, no matter where it is located – on your network, in the cloud or even on another individual’s personal computer.

Intuitive Management Console

We provide you with a single, user-friendly location to manage your data. Quickly grant user access when starting a project or revoke user access when a project ends. Set detailed user permissions, such as preventing downloading, or set expiration dates on user access.

Tamper-Proof Audit Trails

Our tamper-proof audit trails deliver insight into how your data is being accessed and utilized. See how and when colleagues read, edit, download, print and delete files. Our enterprise security systems will always alert you if it notices any suspect data usage.

Instantly Revoke Access

Even if a user has saved your files to a personal computer or memory stick, you have the power to instantly cut access to those files. Our enterprise security solution ensures that despite these files no longer being in your possession, you can still exercise full control over them.

Encrypt & Recall Email

Not only do we encrypt your email, we also give you the power to recall your email from any email system, as it if never left your desk.

Encrypt Email

We use 256-bit AES encryption to secure your email while it is it on your device, in transit, on the email server and on the recipient’s device. All information associated with your email is also encrypted, such as author and creation date.

Email Monitoring

Our real-time, round-the-clock monitoring of your email provides you with irrefutable proof of when messages were accessed, forwarded or deleted – even across multiple generations. Set detailed permissions like preventing a recipient from forwarding or printing an email.

Recall Email

Our recall email feature enables you to revoke your email from a recipient’s mailbox immediately, or even years later. We make it possible for you to recall email from any system including Google, Yahoo or Outlook.

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Workflow Management

Our enterprise security solution enables you to safely share your ideas with anyone, anywhere.

Secure Sharing

Securely share information with partners, clients and vendors – even if they are outside of your organization’s firewall. In addition to communicating via secure email, you can create secure links with expiration dates or use secure chat.


Our system is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. It is also fully integrated with Active Directory/LDAP. Protect any and all files, regardless of application (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, CAD).

Lightweight & Easy To Use

Our system is lightweight, simple to install, requires no training and automatically updates itself.

Disaster Recovery

Our multi-layered approach to disaster recovery will provide you with true technology resiliency in any situation.

Data Backup & Encryption

Our enterprise security system protects your data while it is on your device, at rest and in transit. Our system can be set to automatically backup your data as frequently as makes sense for your organization. We ensure that your files are always secure, recoverable and accessible to you and your clients.

Version Control

Our system ensures that changes won’t be lost between document updates or revisions. View the usage details of each version – see when team members made updates to which version and when. We also enable you to rollback to past versions without overwriting newer versions.

File Monitoring

As part of our full data backup guarantee, we conduct regular testing to ensure that your files are always secure and recoverable.

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